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Below are testimonials submitted by our tenants over the years.

10 Knightsbridge House.jpg

Paddy & Georgia
May 2022

August 2022

"Russell is an approachable and responsive Landlord. The few minor issues I had with the flat were resolved quickly and satisfactorily. My whole experience with GU1 Property, from arranging the inital viewing to the final Check Out, was efficient and highly professional."

"Russell is a flexible, reasonable and helpful landlord. He is easily contactable and always quick to resolve any issues.  We have rented a couple of times before and this was by far the smoothest experience as he is just a very genuine bloke who wants you to feel comfortable in his property.  He was very accommodating with us in terms of timescales when we bought our new house."  

Garden shot Flat 4, 68 Epsom Road.JPG

Chrissy & Sophus - November 2021

"We had a good time at Netherwood, and Russ @ GU1 Property was a kind and understanding landlord. Sydney Place is really well located 10 minutes from both the Downs and the city centre, which was a gift during the pandemic."

Flat 4, 58 Harvey Road front blue sky.jpg

Ed & Sarah
August 2021

August 2021

10 Knightsbridge House.jpg


April 2021



March 2021

Just moved on from my wonderful 2 bed flat rented with GU1 property after 5 happy years. The flat was perfectly placed for us and the rent was very reasonable for the area and amenities. Russell was brilliant to deal with from the start - the paperwork and check in was efficient, and over the years, he has always been responsive to emails and questions and reacted swiftly to rectify any issues. The property itself is maintained to a high standard and I have had a virtually trouble-free tenancy with just a couple of minor repairs needed over 5 years. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend GU1 property to anyone looking to rent in Guildford.

We have rented a property in Guildford Town centre for 2 years with GU1 Property. We have found them far faster with responses and arranging repairs then any landlord or estate agent we have been with previously. The tenant's portal on the website is very helpful for accessing documents eg the tenancy agreement - again I have not experienced another landlord/estate agent make things as easy for the tenant.

I previously lived in a 1 bed flat at St Lukes Square with GU1 property. Due to me moving swiftly to the Guildford area, Russel was really accommodating in helping find a suitable place in a very short time frame. The check-in/check-out process was one of the most efficient processes I have gone through compared to when I have historically rented. The property was in great condition and when on the rare occasion an issue did arise (as with any property), Russell helped action it as quickly as possible and any remedial work was performed to an excellent standard. I would 100% recommend them as a letting agent/landlord. 

“It has been my second property rental with GU1 Property, and they have been brilliant. My landlord was always willing to help with any issues I had, and the property management team were very friendly and diligent.”

3 Hillside Mews-01.jpg


August 2020


February 2021


Caroline & Scott

May 2020

Front Aspect (Low Res).jpg

Natalia & Dawid

October 2019

I rented a lovely two bed apartment in central Guildford for me and my daughter for seven years. Throughout the tenancy I found Russell, the landlord, to be exceptionally easy to deal with, was contactable by phone and email, and it was rare for a response to take longer than 24 hours. I have been renting now for over 20 years and I don't think I've ever had someone as supportive, or as easy to deal with. I genuinely thought throughout that Russell wanted me to enjoy my living in his property and that I was more than just a line on a spreadsheet somewhere. Moving in and out was made exceptionally simple, and the whole experience was handled very professionally. 

“I rented a lovely 2-bedroom house in Guildford from GU1 Property. It had been well taken care of and cleaned, and Russell (the landlord) and his team were super supportive in getting everything sorted for the move in. It was also very well priced! ​ I lived there for a year, but regrettably had to move to another property. But I was so impressed with the efficiency with which GU1 handled things and supported me throughout my tenancy that I insisted I must move to another property with the same company and I did! Suffice to say I have no hesitation in recommending GU1 Property to anyone looking for a great place run by a top notch team.”

“We rented a beautiful flat on Ladbroke Square for 2 years. The flat was immaculate and in one of the most amazing locations in London. Russell is a fantastic Landlord. If any issues arose Russell was extremely quick to deal with them and was always on hand to answer any questions we had. ​ We would definitely recommend Russell and GU1 Property if you are looking to rent. Many thanks for all of your help Russell!”

"For two years we rented from GU1 Property a nice apartment on Josephs Road, Guildford. Russell was a very nice, helpful and decent landlord. Whenever there was a problem in the apartment, he would solve it without any problems. I recommend with all my heart! I've never had a better landlord."

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Flat 4, 58 Harvey Road front blue
Garden shot Flat 4, 68 Epsom Road.JPG


August 2019

Maria & Illiana

June 2019


June 2019

Samantha & Mark

May 2019

"When I moved in, through to when I left Primrose Court, GU1 Property were always on hand to help sort anything and everything out! The flat was affordable, clean and most importantly well looked after by Russ and the GU1 team. Russell especially was always on hand to answer any questions or sort out any problems I had. I would recommend him and GU1 to absolutely anyone looking to rent in the area. Many thanks Russell for all your help!"

"Our stay in Harvey Road was amazing from start to finish. The flat was very well taken care of and Russell was more than keen to efficiently deal with any issues that arose as fast as possible. We would definitely recommend Russell and GU1 property to everyone!" 

”Flat in excellent condition at moving in and a great collaboration with Russell & GU1 Property for our initial renting arrangements and final moving out. Russell was always willing for suggestions regarding any issues/requests concerning our staying as well as considerate to our circumstances; what else would anyone else want? Not to mention the much convenient location of our flat in all regards”

"We absolutely loved our 5 years in Epsom road, we didn’t want to leave! The flat was very well looked after and extremely convenient for both the town centre and station, making it a perfect location. Russ has been an absolutely fantastic Landlord. He was incredibly professional and responsive. He made sure that our time in the flat was as easy and enjoyable as possible. We honestly could not recommend Russ & GU1 Property highly enough."



November 2017

"Russell has been an amazing landlord throughout my tenancy and has always been on the ball with regards to issues. I would have loved to have stayed longer but couldn't due to personal circumstances. Russell was very understanding of the situation and did everything he could to help make things easier during a difficult time. It makes a change for a landlord to be human and empathetic and it was very much appreciated. Thanks Russell :)"

Garden shot Flat 4, 68 Epsom Road.JPG
10 Knightsbridge House.jpg
Flat 4, 58 Harvey Road front blue
Flat 2, 48 York Road front.jpg


February 2017

Jolene & Anthony

June 2017


September 2016

"Russ is a professional, approachable, and reasonable landlord. Moving in and out was straight forward and Russ was quick to reply to any concerns I had.  The flat was very nice and I had no major issues during the tenancy. Russ was flexible as I moved into my own property which i really appreciated.  I would recommend him as a landlord."

"During out 4 year tenancy Russell has been the most helpful. honest and genuine landlord we have had. He replies to your messages immediately and makes it his no 1 priority to sort out any issues with the flat. Russ is always willing to help and we could not have asked for a better landlord."

“I'd like to thank you for being such a good landlord over the last two years. This has been the first time I've had a landlord who made any effort to fix things or be reasonable about anything, and it really has made the time a lot more enjoyable.”

Front Aspect (Low Res).jpg
Front Aspect (Low Res).jpg

Clifford & Samantha

April 2016

Edward & Victoria

March 2016

"Can't fault Russell as a landlord at all. He is exactly what you would want, friendly, fair and gets things done ASAP. Perfect"

"we have rented 5 different properties over the last 10 years and Russell was by far the fairest, most approachable and friendliest landlord we have rented off. If ever there was an issue he would respond within hours and get it resolved as soon as possible. He was especially flexible around our move out when our completion date got to put back and he allowed us to stay on as long as we needed in the property until we were ready to move into our own place."

3 Hillside Mews-01.jpg
7 St Thomas Mews.jpg


November 2016


February 2015

"Russell has been an absolutely fantastic landlord property itself was head and shoulders above anything else I saw in the price bracket and grasp is highly responsive, helpful and flexible. Any issues with the flat were resolved quickly and efficiently, often within a couple of hours. He was also extremely accommodating and understanding about the baby proofing I needed to do. It was a pleasure to live in the property and I cannot recommend him and his property is highly enough."

I" have been 1 1/2 years with Russell as a landlord and I have two admit that he is very easy-going and he tries to resolve everything as soon as he can. The house was fabulous and well looked after. Renting a house could be a stressful situation this time I found it quite peaceful!."

Flat 4, 58 Harvey Road front blue
10 Knightsbridge House.jpg


February 2015

Great landlord. Great place to live. Russ replies quickly and resolve any problems. Would definitely recommend Russ as a landlord

Jason & Anna

May 2014

"Russell is an excellent landlord, when things needed fixing they were resolved immediately. Any correspondence was probably answered. We really enjoyed our past three years in our rented house."


March 2014


March 2014

"Any tenant can be more than happy to have Russ as their landlord. He replies to queries within a couple of hours always has a solution at hand. I had a brilliant time in the property and I'm only leaving because of a job change unfortunately."

"The service Russell provided was 2nd to none, always very quick to respond with attention to detail. Russell is the best landlord I have had, and I rented for over 10 years. I wouldn't hesitate to contact Russell again if I needed a rental in the Guildford area."

3 Hillside Mews-01.jpg

Ish & Smita

December 2013

Dan & Jen

November 2013

"Having to move every year due to my job, we have lived in many rented accommodation along the country. We have had our experience with various landlord relations, and to say that Russell is by far the best. All our issues are dealt quickly and without hassle department itself is in excellent condition. We are specially grateful to Russell as we had to leave very unexpectedly but he was very understanding and helpful towards it."

"My partner and I have lived in rented accommodation together for a long time and Russell stands out clearly in both our minds as a cut above the rest. We always felt that we could approach Russell with any problems we had and they were always dealt with quickly, with our well-being in mind. Our time with Russell has been a refreshing change from the norm and we only wish we had discovered such an understanding, professional and dependable landlord sooner than we did."

Front Aspect (Low Res).jpg

Ollie & Kate

August 2013

"We moved down from London to Guildford and lived in GU1 for the past seven months in a fantastic two bedroom maisonette with Russ as our landlord. We've had our experience around the UK with various landlords and I can say you do not get much better than Russ.

We initially had issues with the boiler, (not unusual), which was fixed extremely quickly. Russ has sorted practically all issues within 48 hours, from door handles, installation and has been a fantastic landlord.  Had we not decided to buy a property of our own, we would have happily lived in the property for a few years.

It will be sad to leave and we cannot recommend Russ enough. Many thanks!"

Flat 4, 58 Harvey Road front blue

Jen & Polly

August 2013

"We both really enjoyed living at Harvey Road and having you as a landlord. That was very bright and spacious and any problems we had with dealt with very efficiently and we never felt like we had to worry. He felt very safe and it was a lovely place to come home to every day."

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